Sunday, March 14, 2010

Visit To A Trade Show

Jeff Id visited a trade show in St. Louis and brings back a report.

First, there is a definite but slight recovery in in industry at this moment. Good news.

The second, is that industry is absolutely angry at what BHO and the extremists in charge are doing. Now understand, these include rank and file union and non-union workers, equipment builders, sales people, engineers, corporate heads and owners alike. The warriors of capitalism who provide and feed the world. This IS your food, it IS the funding which drives your banking jobs, health care and the rest. These are the people who know what it takes to get a job done, how to build a power line, what is required to move product, plumb a building, fill a pothole, how proper equipment is made.

They are universally afraid, and have learned a lesson from this economy which is unstated in media.

Recently the Tea Party movement has been marginalized by the MSM, however the extreme political hacks of the MSM haven’t figured out what the movement is OR why they have lost nearly all their viewers. The point is that the ‘tea party’ movement is not a group, it is a symptom. They don’t need a new party to divide them as the media is trying to sell. They are America, and the politicians had better start listening.

The same industry which has powered the world has been pushed right to its limit by both the wall street Republican and somewhat more culpable Democrat power brokers. It’s at the brink of collapse and there is a palpable fear in industry. We are right at the edge of loosing America. It’s far closer than you think, and these bankers and socialists owe humanity a greater debt for their blatant corruption than any humans have ever owed to a population.
Read the rest to find out why he says that.

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