Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The No Cuts Rule

Thanks to the government no employee will be required to take a pay cut to pay for the new health care they will be getting.

Also of interest is the fact that Section 313 states that an employer hasn’t satisfied the contribution requirement if they simply cut the employee’s salary by the amount of the contribution. This is best illustrated with an example: Let’s suppose Employer A has an Employee X who makes $10.00/hour and Employer A doesn’t offer a ‘public option’ for his employees. By law, the employer is now required to pay an 8% tax on payroll (let’s assume Employer A is in the highest bracket). If the Employer simply reduces Employee X’s wage by 8% to $9.20/hour, the Employer is in violation of the statute and is deemed to not have made a contribution. While on the surface this appears good since it forces the employer to effectively increase total employee compensation, this will be a job-killer. Employer A might very easily choose to reduce the workforce by 8% to keep costs the same.
The government has been very kind to those who can keep their jobs. You will be working 8% harder to maintain your job. To the rest?

Enjoy your new freedom (from work) suckahs. You wanted a government controlled by one party. You got it.

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