Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Rice Tag Plot

A certain commenter named Frank at Classical Values has been complaining about my inattention to the burning of the Reichstag and instead giving my attention to the Drug War. Eric, the host at Classical Values, rightly makes fun of Frank at the above link. But I have been giving it some thought and maybe Frank has a point.

My problem is that I have been thinking too much about burning natural gas to consider burning Reichstags. Or should that be rice tags? Is it a Chinese plot disguised as a German plot which was disguised as a Communist plot? Well the Chinese are communists so it is possible.

Maybe the Japanese are behind it and running a false flag operation to blame the Chinese. Now there IS a plot.

A graveyard rice tag plot.

If there are head stones involved, for sure the dopers are behind it. Japanese dopers. Who are planning to invade from Mexico.

I know the Germans once planned to invade from Mexico so it all fits.

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