Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Natural Order

The natural order of things is for the rich to steal from the poor. Any other order is unnatural. So how do you maintain an unnatural system where the poor have a chance?

The only way is that no one steals from any one else. Once you allow stealing into the system the rich get their usual extra advantage. Which is why our founders stated that the system they designed can only be maintained by a moral people. And the morality was not about who was having sex with whom but the morality relating to property.

Socialism is a system for stealing from the rich in the hopes of advantaging the poor. But once you allow theft into the system it reverts to the natural order where the poor have no chance. Which is why socialism always fails.

So the trouble with socialists is that they mean well but have no understanding. Which is why I am no longer a socialist.


And note: when you take into account the incentives for production socialism comes out even worse. If you can't keep a very large portion of what you earn the incentives for production decline and we are all worse off. The rich and the poor alike. Of course for the rich it makes less difference.

The moral of the story is that socialism leads to feudalism (anther name for a system where warlords rule) and the people are then reduced to serfs. And serfs are held in place by force. And force came into the system through government as a way for the poor to steal from the rich.

It may be why F. A. Hayek called his book on socialism:

The Road to Serfdom

And it gives added meaning to what George Washington said:

Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.


tomcpp said...

And why do people think stealing is bad ? Because that's the question your entire argument hinges on.

Please don't give the communist answer "everyone is basically good". Because if that were the case, obviously we wouldn't need police, armies or even doors.

M. Simon said...

It appears to be natural.

Ask a two year old. The best method is to try to take some object the two year old is holding.

Ever hear: mine! mine! mine! mine! ?

M. Simon said...

I'm going to have to make my pieces shorter for you.

Did you miss the part on production?

A little bit of logic for you to help you along:

If every one is good and some people steal then stealing is good.

I don't see where I made that argument but you will no doubt enlighten me.