Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What To Do Before TSHTF

Wretchard and his commenters are discussing what to do before there is a breakdown in civilization. Of course there is the usual - buy guns and ammo. But what else could help?

Stock up on tools. Even cheap Chinese stuff if it is not too junky. Voltmeters and for those who are somewhat adept – oscopes.

A good shortwave radio. This is good at under $150

Sony ICF-SW7600GR AM/FM Shortwave World Band Receiver with Single Side Band Reception

This is good for $60

Kaito KA1101 - Worldband radio

This is a good disaster radio for $30

American Red Cross FR150 Microlink Solar-Powered, Self-Powered AM/FM/Weatherband Portable Radio with Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger (Red)

and don't forget an antenna for your shortwave radio:

Kaito AN-03L - Radio antenna

Once you get your radio buy spare alkaline batteries and practice using your radio. Like any tool, the more experience you have with it the better it will serve you when you really need it.

If you can fix things or make thing – good. Plumbing, house wiring, simple house repairs. Auto repairs.

Tools, tools, tools. Most of them that will be useful don’t have a rifled barrel.

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rumcrook™ said...

gasoline in a large gas caddy and plenty of stabil to keep the gas from going bad. and a generator.

checker auto has a decent little generator for about 250 bucks ive been using for a year now to run a hammer drill on sites without power.

I also own a gen/welder and a larger colman powermate 5000.

solar charging panel to charge batteries is nice.

and a complete garden in a can with good seed stock for a half acre garden that can sit on a shelf for years is handy.

a well stocked pantry like my grandparents used to have can help in difficult times. nothing wrong with having 3-4 months worth of food handy for your family.

I keep cases of macoroni and cheese and spam in my pantry along with powdered mash and a 30 pound sack of rice. thier are all kinds of reasons why something could happen that makes it necessary to have these things besides world chaos.

and having kerosene heater and a few cans of kerosene doesnt hurt keep the house from freezing in the dead of winter if everything goes out becuase of a bad ice storm for 2 weeks.