Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funniest Comment In A Very Long Time

Go here and read the 9/24/2009 10:13:00 AM comment.

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simentt said...

Dear Sir,

This is a clear argument for a state-controlled health-care system.

While a state system may view state-controlled health-services as (unavoidable) expenses and wish to control availability and quality of service to limit ballooning expenses, the state will for sure view non-state controlled services as potentially taxable revenue.

So under a state-controlled health-care system everyone gets to whine and beg for their pet (preferred or live-saving) treatments to be provided, while under a private health-care system, you'd get to try to argue that your pet treatment or vendor should be exempt from supporting the greater good of society.

Good luck with that.

As a parallel, under the current Norwegian system, owners need to pay 1.1% of the market value of their holdings as an 'ownership-tax' (dividends are taxed at 28%, which would be added if the dividend were to be extracted to pay for the ownership-tax). Those who point out that they have to drain their holdings of capital to pay taxes (thereby destroying jobs) are in the media and public reviled as 'not wanting to contribute their share'.