Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Global Warming Denier

An interview with Richard Lindzen - Global Warming Denier - begins at about 2 1/2 minutes into the clip.


Tarun Kumar said...

A thousand little people were seen melting away in the sweltering heat at Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt Square - and there was no saving them, because these little guys were sculptures made out of ice by Brazilian artist, Nele Azevedo.

The Melting Men exhibit is part of the Minimum Monument movement, started by the artist in 2005. However, her first few exhibits, which comprised only of single ice sculptures, was to protest against big monuments, which honor only heroes.

While she still does it to highlight her stance against large monuments, global warming activists have found them to be the ideal icons to highlight our Earth’s plight!

The two have found a perfect way to blend their agendas by holding their exhibitions in large city squares with monuments. The artist has come a long way since her first solitary ice sculpture - her latest exhibits comprise of hundreds of little ice sculptures all gradually ‘dying’ in the sun.

M. Simon said...

They should have put the ice sculptures on operating gas stoves to protest CO2 production.

BTW how much CO2 was produced in freezing the ice? Nele has no shame.