Monday, April 06, 2009

We Don't Agree On Anything

Israel's Prime Minister has issued a statement on American/Israeli relations and the prospects for peace between Israel and the Arab Nations who are still in a state of war with Israel.

...Netanyahu's office released a statement affirming Israel's "appreciation" of Obama's "commitment to Israel's security and to the pursuit of peace." According to the statement, "The Government of Israel is committed to both of these goals and will formulate its policies in the near future so as to work closely with the United States towards achieving these common objectives."
That is diplospeak for "we want no part of your policies and will work as hard as we can to thwart them".

To what does Obama attribute the lack of progress? A lack of confidence.
The US president emphasized the need for both sides to take confidence-building measures while living up to "the commitments they have made." Both Israel and the Palestinians, he said "must overcome longstanding passions and the politics of the moment to make progress toward a secure and lasting peace."
The same old song and dance. Israel gave up direct control of Gaza in order to build confidence. The Gazans confidently fired rockets and sent suicide bombers into Israel. So maybe the measure did build Palestinian confidence. Just not in the way originally imagined.

And politics of the moment? The Arabs have been warring on the Jews off and on and to varying degrees for 1400 years. It started with Mohamed killing a tribe of Jews in his neighborhood. Only Three Years 9 months 1 weeks and 6 days to go.

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