Saturday, April 04, 2009

Coal Fired Cars

Water vapor is the #1 greenhouse gas. A hydrogen economy would be bad for the environment since it would add a LOT of water vapor to the atmosphere. Natural gas when burned emits a LOT of water vapor. What we need are cars that run on coal. CO2 is 1/20th the greenhouse gas that water vapor is. Coal fired cars would reduce global warming.


Larry Sheldon said...

Ummmmm.....Begging yer pardon sir......

Don' I remember readin somewhere, maybe in high school autoshop...nah dint do much reading there...

Somewhere I got the notion that a clean burn of any hydro-carbon fuel results in two products: haitch-two-oh (aka water) and cee-oh-two.

Doesn't matter what it is as long as the words "clean burn" and "hydro-carbon" are in tie discussion.

david said...

You're joking, right?

We have (literally) entire oceans of water evaporating into the atmosphere already.
The atmosphere is already saturated with water vapor -- any more, and it (literally) falls out of the air.

Putting more CO2 into the air, though, is a different story.

The air we inhale is about 0.04% carbon dioxide; the air we exhale is roughly 4% to 5% carbon dioxide, and even that is still far from saturation.

There are several processes removing CO2 from the air.
But it is not clear whether
(a) gradually adding more CO2 may shift the balance slightly, resulting in gradually more CO2 in the air,
(b) gradually adding more CO2 may gradually lower the pH of seawater, resulting in CO2 in the air initially staying constant, then when the seawater is saturated, CO2 in the air rapidly increases.
(c) gradually adding more CO2 may result in more of those mysterious gas clathrates forming on the bottom of the ocean, resulting in CO2 in the air staying more or less constant even if we burn all the fossil fuel on the planet.

M. Simon said...



And of course the water precipitates out. But if the supply is being continually artificially replenished that has got to cause a shift in the system. And don't forget that according to global climate models used by the warmists water vapor is an amplifier of CO2 warming. So adding water vapor to the system must cause a huge temperature rise. Because the addition of water vapor will cause the effect of water vapor to be multiplied.

At least if you believe the AGW folks.