Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trouble In River City

Which reminds me a lot of America in the 50s when it was comic books, duck tail haircuts, and rock 'n roll. It seems there is always some tool of the devil that needs exploiting.

And the tools of the devil go in an out of fashion. In 1914 the once legal over the counter medicine heroin was it. Along with the cocaine vice which made Negroes lust insatiably after white women. NEGRO COCAINE "FIENDS" were the menace of the day according to the New York Times, America's paper of record. And then in the late 30s we had marijuana. Which was favored by the inferior Mexican "race" and jazz musicians. Negro jazz musicians. And of course jazz was whore house music. And you know what kind of depravity that can lead to.

There is always Trouble in River City. Profitable trouble. Fortunately there alway appears on the scene a savior who will lead us from temptation. A politician. A minister. A community organizer.

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Anonymous said...

Great! Now I gotz ta watch The Music Man. You pushers of classical movies always give out a clip for free then when we're hooked we have to pay.

Damns ya!