Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Miracle Gas

A friend of mine, RN, said he found a comment I wrote about climate change rather funny. So I thought I'd let the rest of you in on the joke.

I was responding to this bit of a comment.

Meanwhile our atmosphere is loading up with carbon dioxide from that oh-so-easy combustion and we don't have 50 years to wait for fusion to take over while climate change fries our biosphere.
Here is my response:
Since the climate seems to be cooling while CO2 is rising the new theory is that below 350 ppm CO2 causes warming and above 350 ppm it causes cooling. This is based on the scientific fact that CO2 does what ever it needs to do to keep government money flowing.

In fact CO2 is a miracle gas. Not only can it perform warming or cooling as needed on earth but it also affects the number of spots on the sun by emitting invisible rays of electromagnetic energy that cool the outer layers of the sun and absorb magnetic energy. Which explains the current low value of the suns magnetic field. After all no other explanations have been offered so it must be CO2.
Of course I am making fun of the IPCC which attributes all currently unexplained warming of the climate to CO2. Not a very scientific approach but very effective politically. For now.

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rumcrook said...

this miracle gas certainly knows how to do it all including sucking money out of my pocket....

lets get the sham wow guy, vince on this.