Sunday, December 07, 2008

First We Kill All The Drug Users

Well not exactly all the drug users, only the casual ones. If you are dressed up in a suit or even better an evening dress or a tuxedo I guess you will be let off the hook. Say isn't that the way it works already? Yes it is. The well off go to rehab the poor go to jail.

In any case let us take a look at what Daryl "kill the casual drug users" Gates has to say.

EL PASO -- Sometimes controversial and always outspoken, former Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates said Thursday that casual drug users in the U.S. are at the root of the violence in Juárez and should be shot.

Gates was in El Paso to speak at a ceremony for graduating peace officers.

Gates, who led the Los Angeles Police Department from 1978 to 1992, also predicted that the violence in Juárez would spill over into El Paso and that law enforcement agencies on the U.S. side should be prepared.

"I don't think the people in the United States are grasping what a serious problem it is. Mexico has lost more people in a very short period of time than those lost in Iraq or Afghanistan," he said.

"I think, you know, I have such a low opinion of the people in the United States who continue to use drugs. They are really responsible for what's happening in Mexico -- they really are. We go along every day. We don't take that responsibility that we ought to assume. Somebody asked me one time about casual drug users, I said they ought to take them out and shoot them."
I propose an alternative solution requiring a lot less killing: suppose we just shoot the prohibition enforcers and let drug stores sell drugs.

Now there is a very novel idea. Drug stores selling drugs. Who ever thought of that idea was a genius. Well smarter than Daryl Gates anyway. In any case I think a little compromise is in order. Say we let drug stores sell drugs and let prohibition enforces find other work. Maybe they could be trained to track down murders, burglars, and General Motors executives.

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Tom Cuddihy said...

Wow, simon, when I satirically accused you of wanting DEA agents to go to concentration camps, I never dreamed you'd say it for real.

Now it seems it's part of your platform.

Is that the platform of the party of Simon? I don't think you'll find many who want join your party.

M. Simon said...

But Tom,

You misunderestimate me. I want to kill them all.

Of course I was writing a satire on D. Gates. Telegraphed by the last sentence.

Satire goes so unappreciated these days. I blame it on the education system.