Sunday, December 21, 2008

Going Green

The Green movement really has nothing to worry about.

If coal is shut down and electricity prices spike or the grid becomes unreliable the people who voted against coal will be out of office. For decades.

The only way to get off coal is to find a cheaper alternative.

Keep up with just say no and the reaction will be - no way.

The success of the Green movement will lead to its failure because instead of putting the money into research it has put the money into politics.

And worse - if we are headed into a little ice age because of PDO reversal and the 300 year solar cycle which is past its peak, it will take 50 to 75 years for any one to listen to Greens again.

Politics is about putting guns to people's heads. The tricky thing is the guns you once held can be turned on you.

The only sustainable Green movement is one that is profitable: go Green and get richer. No guns required.

Inspired by Coal Is My Worst Nightmare.

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Tom Cuddihy said...

Politics is more about convincing the dumbass in the red shirt to point the gun at people's heads so that when the gun gets turned on him, Kirk and Spock can beam away to safety to make a better plan while the yokels celebrate an empty victory.

Everywhere socialism has been tried, it has failed. Some places where it has been forcibly tried, it has later been rolled back. But countries that have willingly embraced their socialist doom have never truly found freedom again.

Once you go red, you never really leave pink again. Look at Britain if you want to see where America will be in 20 years. Britain, of course, will by then be a lot more like Karachi.