Monday, December 15, 2008

Palin's Church Torched

There were about a dozen people in the church at the time. What is there about Palin that inspires such stupidity? Such hatred?

Gateway Pundit has more plus links.

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rumcrook said...

its not palin, its the new fascism followed by the left.

thier can be only one. and any opposition to the one must be destroyed.

by the one I mean one way of thinking, one party, one leader.

99% said...

Probably the same kind of people who joke about "killing all the DEA agents"....

Right Chief™?

foutsc said...

Where's the ACLU. This is obviously a hate crime.

TerraQuestor said...

Probably a disgruntled prop 8 opponent. You know how those people get so worked up about "Tolerance."