Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cleaning Malware

I got hit with some malware a couple of days ago specifically the virtumonde infection. I have Webroot Spy Sweeper which is supposedly top rated and it did not clean it out. Part of that may be because I have not had the funds to renew my subscription. So I went looking for something within my budget and found a product with a horrible name Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and you know what? It worked. It is supposed to be the best malware remover on the market at any price. And what is the price? Something everyone can afford. Free. If you want a copy just follow the link given and use the first link in the article to download it.

If you are not currently infected may I suggest getting it in advance of trouble. Also go to the first link which has some free and low cost software that may help if Malwarebytes does not do the trick. So how do the Malwarebytes guys make money? They offer a life time subscription for $24.95 for their full version that keeps malware out before it gets in and it also has their cleaner software and in addition it does automatic updates of their files which you have to do manually with the free version.

Let me add that the malware turned the automatic updates on my Windows Security Shield off and now it is back on. (I actually had to turn it on - but that was something I couldn't do with the infection in place).

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