Thursday, December 04, 2008

Assaulting Weapons

Why semi-automatic rifles are not assault rifles. About 11 minutes.

Some shooting involved.

H/T Instapundit


RavingDave said...

Myself and My Pro-Gun group created a tv comercial in which I stripped a Mini-14 with a folding stock and a 30 round clip and reassembled it with a hunting stock and 5 round clip in 20 seconds.

Our pitch was that the guns people were refering to as "Assault Weapons" were in fact exactly the same guns used for hunting. (a mini 14 is popularly known as a "varmit gun". )

The local TV station took our money and agreed to run the commercial, and then they called me up and said they'd changed their mind. Hmm...


M. Simon said...


Why not put it up on YouTube?

If I post it at Classical Values it would probably get at least as much viewing as it would as a TV spot.

And if it goes viral - well you couldn't afford that much publicity.

RavingDave said...

I've thought about doing a youtube posting of the stuff we did, but one of my friends has all the video and he says it's in storage and will be a nuisance to find. He says he's gonna do it, one of these days.

In any case, we won all of our battles in this state, and apart from that one commercial I don't see much of our video being more than entertainment in the rest of the country.

We DID do a 20 minute segment on a local tv program in which we shot watermellons with an AK47, an M16, and a Goose gun loaded with a slug. Needless to say, both the AK and M16 put holes in the mellon, but the Shotgun vaporized it.

Our point was that LEGAL guns (like shotguns) will be classified as terrorist weapons whenever they decide to do it. Hunting rifles will become "Sniper rifles" etc.

I suppose I need to pester him again....