Thursday, May 22, 2008

Soft Treason

Ron Nord has posted an excellent comment to my post On The Saudi Payroll? The 15 Senators he refers to were the 15 Democrats who voted against allowing oil shale projects in Colorado and Utah. Here it is with some minor edits:


While trying to find the names of the 15 Democrat Senators I wrote to Senator Allard for help, here is my letter to him.

Dear Senator Allard,

Could you please send me a list of the Democrat Senators who voted to extend the oil shale moratorium? Was my Senators Feinstein or Boxer involved in this? I have looked on the internet and can't find the break out of names. There seems to be a concerted plan or scheme to ruin the United States by the Democrats and it has been going on for a long time now. The only thing that I can figure out at this point is that the oil producing countries of Arabia are paying some in the Senate to vote the way they do. Also, just who is funding these 'greens' who are throwing the legal roadblocks, is Saudi Arabia putting up a few hundred million in order to make trillions, isn't it about time to start thinking out of the box. Has anyone driven the price of oil higher than the Democrats and 'greens', are they in pay of our enemies, what else makes that much sense? I know that both former Presidents Carter and Clinton get millions in honorariums from the Arabs and then lead the band in their behalf, isn't it wise to have laws precluding this type of "soft" treason? I don't trust my government any more to do the right thing, I look for the baseness in its actions and unfortunately am not very surprised at what is found. Are the Democrats and 'greens' in the pay of our enemies through cutouts, PAC's and all the other ways to hide the money trail?

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