Sunday, May 04, 2008

Obama Strategist - We Want To Get Stuck

I think what we have here is a telling slip of the tongue.

A senior Democrat strategist privy to Obama's campaign said: "He's sick of the battle against Clinton. He wants to get stuck into McCain. His people have had to remind him that this thing isn't over yet and he needs to focus and put her away."
And that is not all. Mr Obama appears to be a miracle worker. His very campaign for Presidency can change lives. We have the words of a man who can testify.
James Pickens is typical of those who have been inspired by the black senator from Illinois. A reformed crack cocaine dealer, he is now peddling Obama T-shirts.

Mr Pickens, 50, has served three prison terms totalling 13 years, but vowed to change his ways after hearing Mr Obama speak.

He said: "I never voted for a president before. He's for change, which is something I need in my life. Until recently I was selling drugs, and now I'm selling T-shirts."
I wonder what State he lives in? In a lot of them felons can't vote. It would be truly unfortunate if Mr. Obama inspired Mr. Pickens so much that he returned to a life of crime. Even if only for one day to commit vote fraud.

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