Friday, December 14, 2007

Normal Climate

Normal climate is at right angles to climate. It is useful therefor to consider normal climate to be an imaginary number.

Inspired by comment #8 at Climate Audit


William said...

FYI Steve McIntyre was exposed for having unreported ties to CGX Energy, Inc., an oil and gas exploration company, which listed McIntyre as a "strategic advisor." He has also worked for 30 yrs in the mining industry and is associated with the Exxon funded skeptic (junk science) group - the George C. Marshall Institute. His assertions have been debunked numerous times.

Anonymous said...

Debunked? William, I don't think anyone doubts Mann (or as he refers to himself at Real Climate, Mike) agrees with his own analysis.
What I am wondering is why Mike is the only one who thinks cherrypicking is valid when hidden by euphamism such as principle components, orthornormality, or eigenvector.
In truth Mike didn't need to hide his results with symantics or play with tree rings, because his method always produces hockeysticks, even when fed randomly generated data.

A better question is, when you come on this blog to smear Steve why are you forced to dig up an old post by a thinly disguised Michael Mann if McIntyre has been debunked numerous times?
My guess?
Because you are a phony syncophant of the eco-morons, spreading yet another coat of lies.
I have a suggestion for you Will. After you personally give up all use of fire in your life, move on to giving up the lever, and the wheel. Because wow. We need you to set the example of the proper way to live to lead us to eco nirvana.

Are there any other fundamental human tools or inventions that William here can voluntarily give up in his everyday life?
Lets make a list.

William said...

Paper tiger,
I don't subscribe to Al Gore chicken little alarmism because perhaps I'm just selfish, I don't have kids and I won't be around to see the sea level inundate our coastal cities centuries from now because the tipping point has likely been reached and there is nothing we can do about it particularly while China builds new coal plants weekly. I'm not giving up anything but I'm not burrying my head in the sand either... unlike you, energy industry/ GOP lock step junk science Exxon funded skeptic sychophant that takes your marching orders from the likes of Hannity, O'reilly, et al... Steve McIntyre 'science' has an agenda, as apparently your does. Not me. I have 2 SUVs and will use them. It's too late, we are at the beginng of another extinction level event that we'll not be around to see. Previously, the catalyst was volcanism, earth impact... now it is man himself and many like you are in denial. Doesn't matter. Solutions are possible but not practical.

OregonGuy said...

More meds on aisle three.

papertiger said...

I really wish that exxon or the coal industry sent me a premium for everytime I spanked an eco phony like Will.
Life would be so fun if I were paid for doing what I enjoy.
Nope Will, you're a pro bono case for me.
But your last post gives me the opportunity to make an observation.
Have you noticed how many of the climate alarmists reflexively dissavow Al Gore and his movie?
You never see them actually complaining when Al is given yet another undeserved statuette for his mantle, and on their own websites they praise the truthiness of An Inconvenient Truth, but when they are exposed out in the open on a site where they don't have control of the give and take of the conversation or the ability to erace inconvenient comments, they are always falling over themselves in their hurry to claim they "don't subscribe to Al Gore chicken little alarmism".
You ever notice that, or does it just happen around me alot?

I think Will is precious. I'm not a chicken little - but we're headed for human extinction events comparable to an asteroid strike or a Krakatoa eruption. Pull your head out of the sand and BE AFRAID!

You are a classic dude. Don't ever change.