Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ethernet Cable Help

I need to get a 100ft Ethernet indoor (non-plenum) cable with connectors on both ends.

I have seen such cables on the net for around $10 or much more.

Are the $10 cables any good? If so where is a good place to buy?


Anonymous said...

For 10ft, find whatever you can that's cheapest. Either it will work or it won't.

If you don't mind mail order and waiting a couple of days:

I buy my cables from them, audio, video, you name it. Not a bad one yet.

M. Simon said...


Here is a link to their Ethernet Cables

Matthew said...

Did you order a cable yet? I have a spool of cat5e in my garage and could make one for you - free of charge. I have enjoyed your blog for many months, since I first followed a link from instapundit. \

As you are undoubtedly aware, it is against code in most areas to penetrate walls and ceilings with general purpose (non-plenum) cable, due to the toxic fumes that the sheath makes when it burns.

Just let me know if you still need one.

M. Simon said...


Thank you!

And yes I could still use a cable. I live in an apartment and plan to run it around the edges of the walls so there would be no code violations.

Contact me by e-mail


and I'll let you know where to send it. I have a handicapped son and this will just thrill him as I'm informed by my wife that Christmas has zeroed out our meager spare cash.

Bless you,