Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Want To Know?

Want to know something about digital quadrature phase detectors? Just ask me.

Which is to say the project is coming along very nicely. Plus I have learned a few things which might be useful elsewhere.


Patrick McHargue said...

No need to ask, just post! The design and application of such things is of interest, and a nice introduction might go a long ways toward keeping people up on such things.

Heck, always room in the wiki.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'll bite.

Up to a few MHz I'd use a couple of D flip flops to generate the I and Q clocks, and a 4066 for the biphase modulators.

Up to GHz there's a lot of quad demods for cell phone use. Try this:

M. Simon said...


I plan to do an exposition when I'm done designing.


Up to about 100 MHz or so I like 74LVC or AC or AHC. CMOS has come a long way since the RCA 4000 series.

The modulation/demodulation I'm doing is digital so no 4066 required. I like the IDTQS3253 series better anyway. It is faster. But the pass through voltages are limited so there is that.

Unknown said...

If it's logic levels just use an XOR gate. Why kid around?

Unknown said...

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