Friday, July 15, 2011

Kenneth, What Is The Frequency?

And that is all I'm going to say for now about the project I'm working on.

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Tom Cuddihy said...

Possible contenders:

1. You're recording your own retake of REM's album "Monster", with it's lede "What's the frequency Kenneth." done instrumentally via digital Theramin.

2. You're developing a new, all-electric fighter jet to be featured in an upcoming movie about scrappy fighter jocks scored by a Kenny Loggins sound-alike android.

3. You're engineering a semi-autonomous inflatable robot to menace Dan Rather in his retirement called the "LunchCaster Bully."

4. You're develeloping an Obama-cancellation device that turns his sybyllant ss's a little less, well, serpentine, and has the side effect of rendering him inaudible when uttering socialist nostrums.

5. You're working on a Sarah Palin look-alike robot that will go around terrorizing newscasters by...well, running for president.