Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Economist On Jury Nullification

The Economist is looking at jury nullification. The best stuff is in the comments. Notions of right and wrong. What is conscience? The really big questions. For which each of us has to find his own answer. What? You wanted some one else's? It does save the pain of thinking I suppose. Responding according to a program is faster and easier. Possibly better. If you have the right program. And then the environment changes. And the program starts slipping in some details. Then larger chunks diverge as the program remains static while the environment continues to change. And then the program falls. To be replaced by a better one more suited to current circumstances.

The best defense in a changing environment? As few restrictions as possible. But that model fails too in its own special way. "Restrict them, I don't do that."

Thinking. Painful as it is, it is the only way out.

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