Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Social Movement

Jim Hoft has a nice article up about why the Norway shooter was not a Christian. And of course a load of commenters chimed in about Christian compassion.

I will believe in Christian compassion when I see a call for an end to the pogrom on heroin users.

Did you know that about 70% of female heroin users were sexually abused children? (See Dr. Lonnie Shavelson’s book “Heroin”) And of course sexually abused children provide a cohort ready for prostitution.

So where is the compassion? Instead of punishing these people we should be helping them. We should be focusing on child abuse. I don’t see it. Oh. There are individual cases. But where is the social movement? I don’t see it.

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kurt9 said...

But where is the social movement? I don’t see it.

There won't be because a lot of those female heroin users were sexually abused by their fathers, who happened to be Christian right types. Seriously. How many times have we heard about some religious right politician or leader being outed either as gay, pedophile, or just a vanilla philanderer?

The Christian right worldview (non-libertarian conservatism) is so warped that it does not qualify as a legitimate worldview.

Toad Trend said...


I think the assumption is, just because one claims that they are 'christian', that they MUST be.

The fact is, there are MANY that claim to be 'christian', but they really are not.

Just as there are many that claim to be 'compassionate', they truly are not.

I don't see how you can paint all 'christians' like you seem to be doing. If you really KNEW a real christian, one who walks with Christ, these words, you would never utter.

Put away your broad brush. Making blanket statements about christians (especially the ones who do their best to BE Christ-like, which, by the way, is impossible in the human sense) is criminal.

We fear, what we do not understand.

Toad Trend said...

This is a quote that I borrow that largely illustrates what I tried to point out, only in a more comprehensive and perhaps understandable manner:

"Seventeen thousand three hundred deadly Muslim attacks, by people who call themselves Muslims, since 9/2001, and the Libs all say, in grand choral unison, “They Weren’t Really Muslims! They Weren’t Really Muslims! They Weren’t Really Muslims!”

One deadly attack by someone who might have called himself a Christian — or, some random voice once said he was a Christian — and the Libs all say, in gleeful, excited unison, “Yeppers. He was a Christian. SEE WHAT CHRISTIANS DO!!?!”

17,300 Muslims attack, citing chapter and verse of Mohammad’s writing and doing exactly as Mohammad did in his life, and the Libs think they’re not representative of Islam: Lefties know better than Muslims what True Islam is.

One guy does all the exact opposite of what the record of Christ’s life and words say to do, and the Libs have forevermore, somehow, through some twisted bass-ackward illogic, a GREAT example of “Christians Doing It Too!”, and a way for them to excuse all those self-proclaimed Muslim murders.

One thing about this incident that is not all bad: It has greatly clarified for me the absolute self-deception of American Progressives. It could not be more clear, nor has it ever been."

Not perfect, but makes the point.