Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Makes It Six

I started blogging six years ago today. It seems like it was just yesterday.

I'm doing my annual fund raising drive. And I'd like to thank all the readers who have made material contributions as well as financial ones. The Ethernet cable. The LCD monitor. The software packages. The dollars. Thanks!

If you would care to make a donation - it would help. A lot.

And if donations are not your style, you can help me keep blogging at no cost to yourself. Order your Amazon purchases through this link: Amazon.I get a small percentage which helps me buy books and electronic maintenance items (like printer cartridges).

And lest we forget:

9/11 notes Vanderleun


mw said...

Congrats on your 6 year blogiversary. An auspicious date to to kick it off.

I won't be able to hit your tip jar this year. My meager disposable income allocated for contributions are all going to Republicans in close Senate races in the hopes of restoring divided government for the new year. I am planning on sending your boy Kirk a few bucks, though.

M. Simon said...


Thank you for your kind wishes.

Anonymous said...

6 years, huh?

It only seems like 6 minutes....


M. Simon said...


Thank you for wasting your time here. Every click improves my Google ranking. Comments help even more.

Y'all come back now ya heah.