Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Democrat Tea Party Supporters

It appears that Democrats may be losing a few voters (maybe more than a few) come this November.

CA DEM to fellow DEMS: Take NO JOY with the ENEMA in DELAWARE!

….and I say this as a Democrat.

Dear Readers: My beloved husband, Horemheb, actually watches MSNBC for a “full story” perspective. He reports that the leftist, Obama-supporters are rapturously happy with the results of the Delaware election — assuming Democrat Coons is a shoo-in, and that the Republican plans for a Senate-takeover have been thwarted.

These Dems are deluded (no surprise there). The voters were choosing the “Country Class”, citizen-oriented representative instead of socialist-lite, “Ruling Class” politico. And, I guarantee you, this perspective is NOT going to change between now and November 2nd.

The establishment pundits say that the Democratic-base is NOT enthusiastic about November. I say that they are wrong — in part. A good many Democrats are chomping at the bit to vote this November. These Dems WILL be voting for the COUNTRY CLASS CANDIDATE. I know, as I met several of them at the Sacramento Tea Party.

In almost 2-years of Tea Party activism, I have never over-heard fellow Democrats “outing” themselves at an event. They did so at the recent 9-12 Tea Parties. For example, at the Sacramento rally, five other registered Democrats came up to me (after over-hearing my party affiliation) and introduced themselves. The non-Dems who overheard these conversations were supportive and excited to discuss the upcoming election. The passion among my fellow Californians was infectious.
It is more than possible that the rout this November is going to be huge. I thought an 80 to 100 seat shift is possible. With my optimism driving that number to as high as 120 seats. Since I made those guesses I have been scaling back to around 50 seats. But who knows? Maybe my WAG has some merit.

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