Saturday, July 10, 2010

Policing For Fun And Profit

I was looking for the drug courier profile page which used to be on this site and came across this page.

Perhaps the most profitable investment a community can make is establishing a POLICE K-9 UNIT. A properly trained K-9 will usually pay for itself in 60 days and keep the revenue of city hall running high by utilizing the drug forfeiture laws.
I'll bet that jailing people for their personal bad habits is quite profitable. There are so many of them. Of course we have Drug Police. But that is only a small part of how people are harming themselves. We need Food Police. And of course the world will not be safe for children without Sex Police (who will obviously be issued Sex Pistols). And everyone knows that bad thoughts invariably lead to bad actions so we will no doubt need Thought Police. I'm sure Dogs can be trained to smell Drugs, Food, and Sex. But what would be really useful is Dogs that can read minds and alert appropriately. "Judge, the dog was wagging its tail which it has been trained to do when anyone is thinking bad thoughts about the President or the County Commissioner." I'll bet local governments could make a fortune with such dogs.

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