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Bikini Edition - Obama Version

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I have pretty much refrained from blaming Obama for the mess in the gulf. But his ineptness and failure to waive the Jones act as Bush did for Katrina pretty much hangs this bird

around Obama's neck. Especially when you consider that bioremediation technology is available:

The company is SpillFighters.com. And they have a few words to say on the subject:
...there is one simple and natural solution. “Oil Eating Microbes”.

Microbes occur in nature (in fact humans have over a pound of microbes in their bodies) and each type of microbe is programmed to do certain tasks. Some decompose plant matter, others help break down toxins. In the last 20 years scientists have been able to find and ‘harvest’ these naturally occurring oil-eating microbes from around the world and increase their reproduction cycle so that trillions are now available to help us!

These microbes are commercially available and have been tested successful on large oil spills around the world. These microbes can be supplied immediately in large enough quantities to ‘bioremediate’ the oil that is now washing up on the beaches and in the marshes of the Gulf Coast. The microbes are simply mixed with water and sprayed on the oil as it reaches the calmer waters near shore or on shore itself. Once applied to the oil, the microbes eat it—leaving a natural waste product that is harmless to marine life. Their waste is non-toxic and can actually be beneficial to the plants and sea creatures that feed on it.

The process to completely clean an area of oil is dependent on a few things—but it can usually be accomplished in just a few weeks — not years. If we can adopt this solution immediately, we have a chance to save the Gulf—if we wait, we’ll just be cleaning up corpses of our precious wildlife and bailing out millions of individuals and businesses again.
You can reach the head of Spill Fighters at:

J. Brent Tuttle

And it wouldn't hurt to contact your Congress Critter with this information. And you might wish to add in the President. Just in case.

House of Representatives

The Senate

The President

H/T Atlas Shrugs and Hot Air photos and Instapundit

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Anonymous said...

C'mon Msimon...

Funny. You're a self-appointed Non-Degreed Chief Engineer™ and yet you haven't offered a single critique of the root cause failure of the spill.

Perhaps you should turn off Faux News, pull your THC-laced head out of your ass, and come up with a little fault tree analysis to help yourself figure it out.