Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chicago Republican Sex Scandal

There appears to be a Republican sex scandal brewing in Chicago. I'm not going into all the details. For that you can start with the link provided (and some more below). What I want to look at is who is involved.

Both Roupas and “The Prophet” are “Romney Guys”, a special brand of Republican we’ve identified and described for you on this site repeatedly. Here in Chicago, all of these guys seem to have been part of the Mitt Romney 2008 campaign, before Romney bowed out to John McCain. They’ve never stopped running Romney for president, and have taken over organizations like the CYRs to build them into Romney 2012 ground teams. This is similar to what Barack Obama did between 2004 and 2008 to usurp control of the Democrat Party from the Clintons. The “Romney Guys” are dangerous for a lot of reasons, not just because they are hellbent on pushing a losing 2012 candidate upon the GOP. They’re also a problem because of the entitlement they feel, and the frat boy environment they foster in their ranks, encouraged, we’ve been told, by Mitt Romney himself. For “Romney Guys”, women are to be seen and not heard, don’t deserve much consideration, and are disposable. The goal of each day is to enrich themselves as much as possible, chomp down on some good cigars, drink themselves silly in wood-paneled neighborhood bars, and protect each other to the hilt whenever any of their penises get them into trouble.
Funny thing is that it fits well with yesterday's post about how Romney operatives are attacking Sarah Palin: Politics Revealed.

Here are a few more links to help you get into the meat (so to speak) of the story.

URGENT UPDATE: Affidavits obtained

Chicago Republican Website Features Topless Lady

Lee Roupas is lying

Will indulging millionaire cougar Beth Christie cost Republicans the governorship and Senate seat in Illinois?

The Chicago Young Republicans’ sexual assault scandal and its cover-up

Are police investigating the Chicago Young Republicans and Cook County GOP for an attempted rape?

That is more than enough meat to get you started. If you are still hungry there is Google.

And just for something a little different about Illinois politics: Bill Brady, Barack Obama's Poker Buddy: [Obama is a] 'Socialist With Everyone's Money But [His] Own'. I think a little excerpt is in order.
Right now, the state of Illinois is getting to know Bill Brady, the upstart right-wing Republican for governor who's taken a double-digit lead over incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn.

But Brady comes to the governor's race from the Illinois State Senate, where he represents the Bloomington area. From 2002 to 2004, he served in the Senate alongside a Senator from Chicago by the name of Barack Obama.

David Remnick's new biography of the President, "The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama," mentions that the two were not only Senate colleagues, but also poker buddies. And NBC Chicago's Ward Room discovered, in reading the book, that Brady had a choice quip for the future POTUS describing his accumulation of wealth at the table.
Illinois politics is so screwed. We don't elect candidates in Illinois. We elect machines. And it is all one big machine. Rs, Ds, it doesn't matter. I'll say it again. We are SO screwed.

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