Thursday, July 24, 2008

There Is Big Money In Carbon

There is a blog for folks who want to make money from carbon. Not by delivering it to your fuel tank or to electrical power generating plants. Nope. It is a blog for people who want to make money by stopping that delivery. Or at least by pretending to offset carbon use. It is called Carbon Offsets Daily. Their latest effort is a laudatory piece on how California and 13 States to Cut Vehicle Emissions, Fuel Economy to Become 43 MPG per Gallon. I wonder how they can accomplish this with vehicles that people are willing to buy. That is the real trick.

I wish the State of California and the rest of them a lot of luck. Illinois needs all the help it can get. What with our Senators Obama and Durbin we are going to need it.

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LarryD said...

(H/T Instapundit)

The rest of the world knows that green sources of energy are inadequate to keep their people out of poverty. That is why around the world, from Europe to South America to Asia, countries are building coal and nuclear power plants at a dizzying pace while also drilling for oil wherever they can find it. Meanwhile, the United States, crippled by an out-of-control environmental movement, is refusing to develop needed energy sources. ...

Despite signing the Kyoto Protocol, countries across Europe are rapidly building new coal power plants. Germany plans to build 27 coal-fired plants by 2020. Italy plans to increase its reliance on coal from 14% today to 33% in just five years. In all of Europe, 40 new major coal power are set to be built in the next five years. In 2006 alone, China completed enough coal power plants to match all of Britain’s capacity. India plans to boost coal production by 50% by 2012 and quadruple it by 2030.