Sunday, December 24, 2006

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

First I'm no man of wealth, but I do have a fair amount of taste. Especially for fine women, fine wine, and fine cigars.

Now that the Devil is out of the way. Merry Christmas to all.

My main interests are politics, American and Middle Eastern, science and engineering especially the energy sector, the drug war and the nature of addiction, plus a smattering of economics. And what ever else crosses my mind. I come at the world from a libertarian perspective, although I was a card carrying Libertarian for a number of years. 9/11 cured me. I now consider myself a member of the libertarian wing of the Republican Party. A way long back I was a Communist (Trot - workers of the world revolt) so I have their line down. A study of economics cured me of that.

If you have any questions, feel free.

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gledwood said...

Thanks for the link you posted in my comments. I've pasted it into my links sections under "Cannabinoids"...
Have an entertaining Xmas!

Anonymous said...

libertarianism is great. I think a number of our founders were "libertarians" (small L.)

The problem with the Libertarian platform is that it's not practical; it doesn't take into account how far away we are from the ideal and the effort, both political and social, it would take to get there.

Bartlett has his own take:

I've also noticed the platform has changed. Ten years ago the LP advocated unlimited immigration (w/ the exception of criminal/health screening) AND the elimination of any public services exist for immigrants. This stops people from coming here simply because our public services and infrastructure are better than their home country's.

This portion of the platform, however, has since changed. It now has no mention of eliminating service to legal immigrants, only elimination of such services to illegal immigrants:

"End federal requirements that benefits and services be provided to those in the country illegally."

Maybe the LP would say that the elimination of public schools, hospitals, medicare, WIC, welfare, and other free public services immigrants receive are in other parts of the platform, but that can't be the case since they mention that "benefits and services" should be eliminated for illegals?

On the whole, most people I know personally that really advocate libertarian principles are Republicans. The libertarians I know are either folks who are too immature to commit to either party or those who want to appear "above it all" and I've found they don't really understand what the LP advocates (or used to advocate.)

abraham said...

Let's see here, you used to be a Communist, but realized you were wrong, so you switched to calling yourself a Libertarian, and decided you were wrong, so now you call yourself a Republican.

What makes you think you're done? Maybe next you'll be a Palestinian?

It's funny how people who consider themselves libertarians don't have the first understanding of what that label actually means. Including some of the people in the LP today (like Neil Boortz).

What a joke.

M. Simon said...


The people who elected me Secratary/Treasurer of the local party thought I was a Libertarian.

Becoming a Palestinian would be a real stretch. I'm Jewish. Besides I believe in limited government. I haven't heard of any limited government Palestinian parties. Be glad to support it if it existed.

BTW as I learn more I change. Something rather rare in the world. Most people are old at 20. At 62 I'm still modifying my positions based on what I learn. A habit I picked up from my engineering trade.

abraham said...

You don't know that there are Palestinian Jews!?

Before all the European Jews invaded the Holy Land, every Jew living within what is today called Israel as well as the "Occupied Territories" (in other words, Palestine) was a Palestinian.

You could never become a Palestinian because you have the wrong bloodline, but you could come around to supporting their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, if you are in fact a libertarian.

Of course, a real libertarian wouldn't align themselves with the policies of a foreign state, especially one as oppressive as Israel. You're actually a Zionist, not a libertarian. Hey, I just helped you evolve. You should add that to your introduction.

Tsk, tsk.

M. Simon said...

You are being disingenuous Abraham.

I was not talking aboubt going to live in what used to be Palestine. Just as it is impossible for me to live in the USSR.

Well any way. Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather not take my chances with a Judenrein, apartheid state, where I wouldn't be allowed to live.

Tell you what though. When Israeli Arabs start voluntarily giving up their Israeli citizenship enmasse to move to Palestine I might at least reconsider.

Funny how so many Arabs prefer second class citizenship in Israel to first class citizenship in Palestine.

Anonymous said...

M. Simon, so what's with the cross posting at classical values? Will this be a permanent thing? Are you going to transition your blog?

Eric Dondero said...

Glad to have you in the libertarian wing of the GOP. Are you a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus? If not, join at

I also hope you'll check out for folks who hold views like you.

M. Simon said...


Eric asked me to do it to maintain activity on his blog while he was gone for the holidays.

If he asked me to continue over there I might seriously consider it.

Here are some permalinks that have been put into the comments: