Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sullivan says: Give aid and comfort to the enemy

Good old Andy. He quotes a military guy on the question of why our military policy re: Syrian border jumpers makes no sense:

We certainly can do what you suggest, and with a handful of guys on the ground. The Bush Administration is choosing not to do so. This may be for reasons we can learn from open sources (e.g., the political fallout from that incident in which the bus full of fighters we bombed was claimed to be a bus full of Mother Theresa clones) or, it may devolve from circumstances we are not privy to.
So what he is saying is that it may be a good thing that we do not know why things are being done in a certain way. It may be to our advantage. Kind of like not telling the Japanese in the middle of the war that you have broken their codes. Well Andy has an answer for that:
Good question. I'm sorry but the time when we gave the administration the benefit of the doubt re: grand strategy is over. If leaving the Syrian border open is a choice, we have a right to know why. If we have a "flypaper" strategy, we should be informed by the president. I'm all for keeping operational issues secret, but in a war where public support is crucial, you have to explain overall strategy. When there's an obvious question hanging in the air, we deserve an answer.
Even if it means more of our guys getting killed Andy? A true leftist patriot for sure. There was a time when this guy made sense. Gone are the days.

I'd give a link to this crap fest except I've already promoted it way more than such a "kill the troops so we can understand what is going on" idiocy deserves.


comminutor said...

My gag reflex prevents me from frequenting him. I chuckle whenever I hear leftists complain about the closed and secretive White House and administration of GWB. After chuckling, I say a prayer of thanks.

sockpuppet230 said...

it seems more and more that a flypaper strategy is in effect. I suppose the supply of jihadists will eventually taper off after we have killed the ones that have come into iraq. Is that really our strategery? I guess it could work, but why can't we be trusted with the truth, the bullshit is maddening, like the adoption of the "generational conflict" idea by SOS Rice. Wasn't this supposed to be over by now?

Roy Lofquist said...

Doesn't anybody listen? The president, the vice president, the secretary of defense and the secretary of state have all enunciated the flypaper strategy.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this supposed to be over by now?

Who ever said that? Certainly no one in the administration -- I've repeatedly heard the phrase "long and dangerous" used to describe the war.