Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kerry does a hidden 180

I was making a point over at Matt Y.'s place about Kerry's "release" of his military recods. He signed the 180 an the Boston Globe (only) got a look at the results.

Well he is just a little late.

Bush released them before the campaign. Kerry long after. He didn't keep his original promise in a timely fashion. But OK, technically it counts.

Here is the kicker: what he did release (an no one knows exactly what) was not put up for public scrutiny. [Bush made them available to a number of reporters - they may have been on the www too can't remember - ed.]


So there is one vote I'm quite happy about.

Then Obama comes out and says we can't leave the Iraqis high and dry.

And here I thought I was voting for a Move.On communist. To avoid the theocon Keyes.

So there is another vote I'm quite happy about.

Yeee ha.

I think Obama has a future in politics if only some of those UChicago guys can pound some Nobel Prize winning economics into his head.

Well any way: today I'm pleased.

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d.K. said...

President Bush released his military records when? Remember, he began his run for president in 1999. And when did he acknowledge the DWI ? My only point is that they all release things only when they have to. So I wouldn't use Mr. Bush as the model when criticizing Kerry's lack of being forthright.