Saturday, June 25, 2005

No Law

It appears, according to the New York Times, that the government can find no law requiring people to file an income tax return. Now that is very interesting.

The verdict stirred concerns that it would encourage more Americans to refuse to pay taxes, which the Treasury, I.R.S. and the Justice Department have all acknowledged is a growing problem. The problem has prompted a renewed effort to seek civil injunctions against promoters like Mr. Banister and in some cases prosecutions of both tax protesters and their professional advisers.

"This is going to encourage thousands more people who were on the fence, who were paying taxes only because they were afraid they would be criminally prosecuted," said J. J. MacNab, a Maryland insurance analyst. She is writing a book about people who deny the legitimacy of the tax laws and attended the trial, which began June 14.

"If too many people do this, the tax system will collapse because it is based on people voluntarily complying" with the law, Ms. MacNab said.
How can a tax be voluntary? Either you owe it or you don't. The question is are you liable for not volunteering to the government a sum of money that they suggest you calculate on your own and then volunteer? I'm sure if it came before the Suprme Court they would find a way. Well any way the collapse is well underway. Every time the government brings one of these trials and loses a new batch of folks get educated about the fact that the income tax laws as enforced are a sham.

Give Me Liberty has this to say:
During the trial, Banister's former supervisor at IRS’s San Jose CID office, Robert Gorini (who testified via video recording) when pointedly asked, was unable to cite any U.S. law that required Banister to pay income taxes.
It appears that the 861 folks may have been correct after all.

If you want to read more and get some more links Joe Bannister has a blog

Larkin Rose has been saying Please prosecute me for several years. He has filed no taxes since 1997. I wonder why they do not prosecute him?

Mr. Rose has a few more things to say about Theft by Deception. He also has something to say at Taxable Income.


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