Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment Vote

To find out how your representative voted go here. I don't have a breakdown by party yet. I'll update when I have it.

Update: Friday 08:343z 17 June 2005

Pete Guither of Drug War Rant informs me that the above link is for the vote in '04.

The actual vote took place Wednesday and was 264 against and 161 in favor. With 145 Democrats and 15 Republicans voting for.

This is a gain of 13 votes from last year.

Drug Policy has more details. Here is a link from them to thank or spank your Rep.


Comminutor said...

From Gonzales v. Raich commentary:

"But citing a 1942 Supreme Court case where the court held that a farmer who grew wheat for his family's use affected interstate wheat markets, the court Monday held patients growing their own marijuana affected the interstate marijuana market. When thus defined as affecting interstate commerce, the noncommercial, intrastate use of medical marijuana can be constitutionally regulated by federal law, in this case the Controlled Substances Act, the majority held." From:

I need to see the ruling, but if the the interpretation above is correct, it seems one could ask six of our Supremes what the hell they've been smoking.

comminutor said...

Having just read the ruling, I think it's safe to say to the Supreme Court majority, "What the hell have you been smoking?"
Clarence Thomas will be a good Chief Justice, when Rehnquist steps dowm.

d.K. said...

So, I guess Justice Stevens was smoking something when he suggested that the president or the Congress could decriminalize pot for medical reasons. We've seen Congress' answer to that already, and we know where Pres. Bush stands on the issue.


comminutor said...

D.K.: Yes. Steven's opinion reads to me like he was smoking pot. And, as far as him suggesting that the President or Congress should correct the problem, that's a cop out. I don't agree with Bush or Congress on this, and the majority opinion leaves me feeling like I went through the looking glass with Alice. Sorry.