Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Running against the Party

I think I can see the beginnings of the Republican Campaign in 2008.

The focus will not be running against the candidate. It will be a run against the Democrat Party.

The Democrat's leaders in the past couple of weeks have given the Republicans issue after issue. The main issue they have given is national security. The very place they were weakest.

I wonder - have they thought this through? Or to be perfectly George Galloway - are there sinister forces at work?


NOTR said...

I fear for my wallet and my liberty whenever the same party controls Congress and the White House. I want to see the return of gridlock when the only legislation that could get passed was that of great importance. After watching the house debate a flag burning amendment I can see they are at it again, not earning their pay.

M. Simon said...

I agree NOTR.

The problem is that the Dems are imploding.

A very sad state of affairs.