Saturday, October 22, 2011

Top Fuel Blender

1 comment: United States Marijuana Party said...

From: []
Sent: 10/23/2011 3:05:36 PM
To: []
Subject: White House 'We the People' petition by VT citizen QUALIFIES!!!
Dear Peter,

my White House "We the People" citizen petition

received over 5,000 online signatures yesterday
and Qualifies for an Official White House response.

I e-mailed Patrick Leahy, Bernie Sanders & Peter Welch,
but e-mails to their offices sometimes take a long time
for a response (sometimes!).

For my "Official White House response" from the
Administration of President Obama,
I would like YOU
and Patrick & Bernie & Peter Welch
discuss the issues raised in the petition -
marijuana, cannabis, hemp:

(1) farmers say hemp prohibition is economic treason;

(2) medical marijuana patients are at risk of federal

(3) Vermont jails and/or probation officers
are over burdened with mere
marijuana possession offenders.

Please take the time to read my White House
"We the People" petition at this case sensitive
link with an upper case capitol P

There are actually three legal causes of action
in the petition.

Please contact our three Vermont U.S. Congressional
officers and arrange for the four of you
to invite President Obama to Vermont
for a get-together with him,
perhaps on VPT and VPR (both)
(you'd be surprised how many low income Vermonters,
like me, dont' have t.v.)
and explain to President Obama that
because a Vermont resident wrote the petition,
and that you four are basically running the State
of Vermont,
that it is really up to you all to get together
and publicly discuss the issues in the
citizen petition.


Thank you!
Cris Ericson