Sunday, October 16, 2011

Government Solution

Occupy Wall Street? You might as well send them a check.

The only way to get business out of government is to make government smaller. There is no "government" solution to the government problem.

Update: I see comments here and there around the www about how messed up these kids are. I dunno – Wall Street pretty much owns government. Aside from the part the Drug Cartels control. They got the problem right. They got the answer wrong. What they want is smaller government. Something no faction in America favors. They all have their pet projects for improving moral and social conditions that REQUIRE Big Intrusive Government (that would be BIG. And if this were a movie it would be controlled by Mr. Big or perhaps his brother). Ah. Well. Maybe when the kids grow up they will become libertarians.

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Neil said...

Most of the people in those protests are victims of the Liberal Arts colleges. If they were occupying the Dean's office in protest against non-dischargeable student loans, I'd be with them. But they're allowing themselves to be used by some real hard-core badasses. It's difficult right now to see what their intentions are, but it's nothing good.

Personally, I wouldn't give them too much credit.

LarryD said...

Useful fools enjoying free food and a once-in-a-generation tribal party. They get to act out their personal fantasy as heroic revolutionaries.