Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Libertarian Ideal

Liberty may be in the heart of all men. But not all men live it. Some are thieves and murderers. And this is especially true in the Foreign Policy realm where most countries live under the authority of thieves and murderers. And you must deal with such people with a strong hand and the willingness from time to time to show them you mean business.

pour encourager les autres

I do understand why Libertarians hate foreign policy and wish to operate as if the world was Libertarian. Because Foreign Policy in far too many cases is an ugly business and violates Libertarian Principles.

The trouble is that playing the game in a restrained way gives thieves and murderers ideas like "they are too weak to resist" or "they won't fight". It is very bad policy to give murderers and thieves that impression. It leads to a LOT of disorder. Libertarians know that in domestic policy but seem to ignore it when it comes to foreign policy.

A strong response to the Rhineland Incident for instance might have caused 1,000 deaths but prevented WW2. But at the time the cost was "too high". The butchers bill for that mistake in policy ran into the tens of millions.

I see Libertarians all too willing to make such mistakes because of Principle. Forgetting that the world is not mathematically calculable (they will leave us alone if we leave them alone). Sadly for thieves and murderers it just encourages them. Well at least enough of them to be very expensive. Much more expensive than slapping down a miscreant occasionally.

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