Friday, February 18, 2011

The Wisconsin Legislators Are Gone

As you may or may not know 14 Wisconsin Senators were camped out in Rockford. The first mate and I had gone out today for a late Valentines Day lunch (we often celebrate holidays early or late depending) at Aunt Mary's on State Street which is owned by Sam from Albania. We had the best Reuben sandwiches in Rockford plus a really decadent chocolate fudge cake for desert. When we got back home we were really full and decided that a Valentines Day snuggle was in order. Yummy. We stared the snuggle at about 3:30 PM local time and I didn't get up until a little after 9 PM. And I look at my e-mail and all heck has broken loose. Tall Dave (who blogs at Classical Values among other places) sent me an e-mail with the Gateway Pundit link above. And there were others like these:

Patriot Action Network

Rockford Tea Party - Facebook

Plus my favorite link resource:


I was planning to make it to their hide out at the Clock Tower tomorrow and take some pictures so I decided to watch the local news for an update - something I rarely do - and found out that the Wisconsin guys had left town. Dang. But you know a man has got to know his priorities. My personal coverage of the event would have meant lots of blog hits. Snuggles (naked) with the first mate? Priceless.

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linearthinker said...


When I heard they'd set up camp in Rockford, I jumped over here to see what you had going on it. That was yesterday. Hmmm. Simon must be out and about, covering the news as it happens...maybe he'll be live blogging it...I thunk to myself. Nada. Zip. Now I find out you were under-covering other events, and making some news of your own, as it were.

Good on ya, Mate! That political stuff will always be with us, but ya gotta seize the moment when other opportunities arise. No pun intended.


al fin said...

The public sector unions have a lot of pet poodle legislators in their pockets from coast to coast. Use 'em or lose 'em. Maybe use 'em, then lose 'em when voters see them again for the first time.

Jerry Brown was a good score in California, running against the trend in governor elections for saner parts of the US.