Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rage For A Day

You can see the Facebook page at Day of Rage (America). Ah. It looks like some 60s nostalgia. And the page owner likes HuffPo. I wonder who will be providing the tear gas? So far the page has 163 "likes". They are going to have to get a lot more people interested to make an impact.

I do like what a commenter had to say:
Pinky Anderbrayne
I've been wondering what does it take for a bunch of flourinated, chemtrailed Americans to get off their butts and get mad as hell. Egypt ain't got no religion I'm interested in but they got balls and the staying power to get the man out of office. They have taught us all an important lesson!
Does this mean they plan to overthrow Obama? That would be interesting.

It seems a number of wags are also posting:
Patrick Cromwell
How 'bout a Day of Diaper-Change? obama would be flattered.

Barry L. Camp Even after the diaper change, they'll still be full of shit.

China Hopkins Montgomery So true Barry!

Katie Andrews Kalpin LOL or they would still just STINK! lol that's what happens when one doesn't shower! ;) If we want to stop them...just have a job application, and a bar of soap, then try telling them FACTS. lol that will make them go back to the basement! ;)
Good Times. Until Daddy Takes The T-Bird Away.

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