Thursday, February 10, 2011


The failure of the Black family is due in part to the drug war. And of course the rationale for the drug war is that drugs destroy families. Too funny. Note: alcohol prohibition was promoted by the same crowd as promoted Alcohol Prohibition. And for the same reason. Excessive alcohol use leads to family breakdown. So it is claimed.

Imprisoning so many urban black males is discouraging marriage and the formation of families, thus contributing to moral and social breakdown

The Drug War is leading to social breakdown? The very problem it was meant to prevent? And the biggest supporters of the Drug War? The Family Values crowd. The result is so perverse and the effort so long standing that you would almost think it was intentional. Or else the people behind it are really stupid.

Simon's law:

It is unwise to attribute to malice alone that which can be attributed to malice and stupidity.

Prompted by a discussion at Shrink Wrapped. H/T Instapundit


RavingDave said...

Drug war this. Drug war that. Ever with the Drug War!

M. Simon said...

And you think that insane rates of Black incarceration has nothing to do with the breakdown of the Black family? And that the Drug War has nothing to do with incarceration? And that the lack of Black Men has nothing to do with Black Girls gone wild.

I read your link. Now read mine:


I have only met one Social Conservative who would ever argue with me honestly with any subject he or I cared to discuss. Clayton Cramer. You are no Clayton Cramer.

Of course being a lawyer he was trained to understand opposing arguments to better argue against them. I learned the same from being in a debate club. We would have to argue either for or against any proposition without prior notice.

So read my article on Demographics and argue against it. If you can.

Initiating, supporting, and protecting black markets is not cheap. Do the results warrant the expense?

RavingDave said...

Okay, I read your article. There is nothing new in it. It is the same old argument "Drug Prohibition causes Black Males to go to jail", and therefore the root of all our inner city problems.

Your article does nothing to explain why the black family was so strong prior to Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" programs. Drugs were still prohibited back then, yet we had none of the troubles your article cites as evidence.

Much of your article contains correct information. Skewing the Male/Female ratios does indeed cause serious social problems, it just identifies the WRONG CAUSE for the skewing that has occurred.

Prior to Lyndon Johnson, Young females were in dire circumstance if they allowed someone to impregnate them. They had to fend for themselves, or their families had to support them. This created a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK effect which reduced such occurrences.

Johnson made it feasible and common for young girls to get rewarded for behavior which heretofore they were punished. (by life)

With the girls getting rewarded for having kids, and being able to do so without needing a young man to support them, this activity exploded, and is the direct reason why we have so many single parent female raised criminals.

That is my alternative theory, and it fits the available facts far better than your "Drug Prohibition causes criminals" theory ever did.

Government created an artificial environment which rewarded bad behavior. It's a simple as that.