Sunday, April 04, 2010


So I'm looking at a bunch of links about sustainability and I come across this link to a Huffington Post article. As usual I have some points to make:

The Sun is going to burn out in a billion years or three. Nothing is sustainable.

There are 746,712,500,000 metric tons of Earth for each inhabitant. (assuming 8 billion) do you think that will be enough?

When people start talking about Lebensraum ugly things start to happen. Not all at once but over time. The sustainable people start doing nasty things to the unsustainable people. Just to hurry things along. Or to slow things down. Depending.

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LarryD said...

If what I've read is accurate, in 500 million years the Sun will have warmed enough that the inner boundary of the habitable zone will move out past Earth, which will then be uninhabitable.

So, a lot sooner than 10 Billion years.

And then there are the extinction level impact events, which will likely have occurred more than once in 500 million years.

Expand off of Earth, or die.