Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not What I Want Them To Hear

Senator Chris Dodd has a problem. With Republicans. They are not telling the American people what Dodd wants them to hear.

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd threatened Wednesday to end negotiations with Republicans on a financial regulatory reform bill if they continue to lead what he called a misinformation campaign based on Wall Street talking points.

“My patience is running out,” Dodd said on the Senate floor. “I’ve extended the hand. I’ve written provisions in this bill to accommodate various interests. But I’m not going to continue doing this if all I’m getting the other side is a suggestion somehow that this is a partisan effort.”
That was certainly forthright. Now if he would only explain the connection with campaign donations the circle would be complete.

So what was this "misinformation" he was in a snit about?
Congressional Republicans, led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, began an effort Tuesday to paint the bill as doing little to curb future taxpayer bailouts of large financial firms. The White House responded sharply pushing back on the claims all day Tuesday.

The GOP points to the inclusion in the bill of a $50 billion fund, which is paid for by the firms and would be used to wind down a failing institution. But Republicans say it will act as a safety net for Wall Street to continue to push their businesses to the brink of collapse.
And no mention of Fannie and Freddy you Republican cowards.

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