Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Purchasing Magazine Closing

Purchasing Magazine is ceasing publication.

Reed Elsevier, parent company of Purchasing, announced today that it is closing Purchasing and the magazine's website,, as well as most of its other U.S. publications, effective immediately.

The closing is part of a broad divestiture that itself is part of a restructuring of the London-based Reed Elsevier.

The magazine has published for almost 95 years and has been the leading magazine in the supply chain sector of the economy.
This is so doubly sad. It is not just the loss of future publications that will hurt but also the loss of older issues for research purposes. The technical magazine sector of publishing is under severe pressure. It is only a matter of time before more publishing companies throw in the towel one way or another. Either going out of business altogether or going with a www only format.

Also closing:

Manufacturing Business Technology
Industrial Distribution
Logistics Management Magazine
Material Handling Product News Magazine
Plant Engineering Magazine
Control Engineering Magazine
Semiconductor International Magazine

The Wiki reports that at least 23 magazines (including the above mentioned) are being closed. Obviously this is an opportunity.

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