Sunday, February 08, 2009

Money And The Women Who Date It

Women who date for money are finding it more difficult to get a date with the money they crave. But this is what really caught my eye.

Countless times I've been asked to explain "dating" to friends from Europe or the West Coast: the scrutinizing rounds of drinks and dinners, the game-playing, the jockeying for some sort of advantage. There's something deeply unappealing about the way New York women adopt the language of contracts when it comes to romance, wanting "commitment" instead of love. One friend, a financial adviser with plenty of cash, told me it showed "respect" for her when a man paid for dinner. Which I've never quite understood: If charging for the pleasure of one's company begets respect, why don't prostitutes get more of it?
A lot of it has to do with price. Bloomingdale shoppers get more respect than those looking for bargains at Big Lots.

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