Friday, February 04, 2005

Your alliances and allies are crumbling

My friend Faust has been saying that the supporters of the status quo on the left and in the Muslim world are declining in relevance. He says things are going to get harder for the left and the supporters of dictators.

One of the leftys - amusedtodeath - replies that things are going to get easier for him.

My response:

Having more events to criticize or making the criticism stick?

I 'm betting more of the former and less of the latter.


Killed 5, Wounded 8, and burned their cars.

Get a clue kid.

These people are standing up for themselves and earning their self respect. You know Faust, Yolee, myself and a number of others here (Maon, Muslims for Israel etc) admire that kind of behavior.

Men no longer willing to live in fear.

Who planted the seeds that turned into Iraqi courage? You amused by death?

Who has helped them more? The culturally sensitive amused? Or the culturally insensitive Marines?

The brutal American right or the progressive multicultural left?

You're a loser kid. Time to change sides. My criticism is taken seriously because I am on side. Yours is just laughed out the door.

The Dems in America are totally tone deaf. They are electing anti-war Dean to be their leader. That ought to cost them at least 5 points in the polls. What with Iraqi elections and all.

Then add in the fear expressed on the lefty show 60 Minutes Wednesday of Iranian nukes. The main reporter on the story asked why we didn't just go into Iran and take them. A lefty, amused.

Your alliances and allies are crumbling.

I think Faust is right. In a year it will be just you howling into the wind. And maybe not even you.

Back in September, I think it was, I wrote Faust a note saying how much I enjoyed his writing. A rare pleasure. He told me he was in need of reinforcements as he was feeling lonely against all the brave supporters of the oh so brave throat slitters.

Like any good Navy man who hears of a Marine in trouble I signed up at once.

And look at what we have now. A very good crew of commenters burning your asses with words day and night. 24/7.

Faust raised the flag and said follow me. And here we are. I'd follow that man to hell if he said it was necessary.

And your side Amused? Dwindling. Weak. Reduced to incoherence.

You say you are against the throat slitters. And against the Americans. You have at last figured out who is wrong. In time you may figure out who is right. The ground you can honorably hold is getting smaller.

Enjoy your enfebled grip while you still have some strength left. It won't last.

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Joe Katzman said...

Gotta hand it to you for paradropping into the Islamic boards, taking names, and dishing it out like that.

It feels good to be ahead. I hope we stay that way.