Thursday, February 03, 2005

The reporter lied - CNN slept

Here is a story about a shooting that didn't happen that CNN didn't cover.

Sound confusing?

Read the story. Telling the truth on this one would have ruined the "narrative".

CNN did originally report on the death. Unfortunately they didn't report that the Israelis may have lied. They did report that the "killing" may have been intentional. Why isn't it news? Well proving the Israelis lied would have ruined the narrative.

Of course CNN had some critics on this. One of the reporters of the story [Dec 30,04 report] admitted he lied. Of course this isn't news. Especially if it would ruin the narrative.

These folks are calling the television organization that originally reported the story a preview of what a "French CNN" might be like. Now there is a low blow. Could be true.

How is that for a narrative?

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