Friday, November 05, 2004

The 3% solution

To all my hard right Republican friends, sometimes called cultural conservatives.

It only takes a 3% swing to lose the executive.

Bold is good when you have a mandate. But bold must be in programs that are likely to have positive MEASUREABLE results.

Other wise you sow the seeds of your next defeat.

Remember the middle. It is where you win and lose elections.


Classical Values has something to say on the subject.


O'Hill said...

Sounds like good advice. The only thing is, social conservatives make up the middle. If not middle right.

Your far-right would be your Nazis/skinheads.
The far-left would be your peaceniks and Socialists.

Everyone else is in the middle. The middle is huge. The middle is made up of the folks that think there is a right and wrong. Think that morals are important. They define morals as the 10 commandments that leftists judges are attacking. They define morals as believing in God even if they don't go to church.

There is one thing people WILL NOT mess with and that there afterlife. Poll and see how many Americans think that there is a heaven and hell and there you'll find your middle.

M. Simon said...

Main Stream Media think they are the middle too.

They are no more correct than you are.

Think of how the Senate/Presidential race went in Illinois. Bush got 45% of the vote - 2,313,415 votes. Keyes got 27% - 1,371,882 votes. If you parse the numbers about 130,000 voted in the Presidential race that did not vote in the Senate race (more unhappy Republicans?).

Keyes didn't get the votes of the Jack Ryan Republicans. It shows.

Eric said...

Thank you kindly for the link! There must be a mathematical formula of diminishing returns in there somewhere. The more extreme the extremes, the more the extremes repel the non-extremes. They drive away more people than their numbers bring in. Thus, Michael Moore can draw a crowd -- and simultaneously drive twice as many voters into the opposite camp.

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