Sunday, May 29, 2011

The White House Underground According To Ulsterman

It has been a while since I did an Ulsterman update so here is an interesting tit bit.

Q: Can you repeat what you told me before – how Richard Daley stepping down and Bill Daley coming to the White House, and then Rahm Emanuel becoming Chicago’s Mayer. How all of that relates back directly to Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama. You connected those dots better than anyone else I’ve heard from, but you didn’t want to publish it before. Can we share that now? What you said regarding that?

A: I won’t allow you to publish it. I WANT you to publish it. And I want to qualify that by explaining to you that I am running without fear now. I am not alone here. This has become much bigger than me, or the group of us that were working prior to the Midterms We are in every good hands now, and this thing has a real possibility of seeing the kind of outcome I thought impossible just a few months ago. And don’t get hung up on people believing or not believing what we are discussing here. That is not the point of this. As I told you some time ago, the real motivation of this operation is letting those know who are watching that we are also watching, and that no amount of effort on their part is going to fully prevent the truth from getting out there. And I am being absolutely honest with you when I say that at no other time since we began this have I been so confident in our eventual success.

Now getting back to your question about Richard Daley stepping down, Rahm stepping in, and Bill Daley’s entrance into the Obama administration, it is foolish for anyone to not think all of that is no connected to something far greater than simply political repositioning. You have already reported on the Jarrett-Richard Daley connection, so no need for me to get you up to speed on that. What you might not know is that Richard Daley had something of a falling out with Jarrett, and by default, the Obama’s prior to Obama becoming a U.S. Senator. Now when it comes to Chicago politics, the Daley machine owns all of it. Everything. This includes information – every kind of information, on anyone of political importance in and around Chicago. When Obama went “national” as a Senator, Jarrett’s influence went national right along with it, right. By then she was the primary guide for Barack Obama’s political career. Every decision went to her, through her, and ultimately had to be approved by her. Obama did nothing without her approval. This has largely continued to this day in the White House, though as I just indicated, Bill Daley is fighting to alter that arrangement. So what happens when the great keeper of Chicago secrets, Richard Daley, announces he is stepping down? A huge power vacuum that sent the Obama White House into panic mode. Daley had a working agreement with Obama and Jarrett to keep a lid on the “unsavory” details related to each of them. Details stemming from years working among the most powerful and corrupt forces in Chicago politics, including Daley himself. And while many dislike the man that is Richard Daley, none will dispute that when a deal is made, he holds to it. And he has held to his deal with Jarrett and Obama. Almost every avenue investigated against those two has been effectively shut down in Chicago. With Daley’s departure as mayor, that will no longer be so easily accomplished, and the figure now in control of that apparatus is none other than disgruntled former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.
Truth? Fantasy? Who knows? But interest in palace intrigue has been very long standing. As long as there have been palaces. So I'm passing along the gossip.

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